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Hamlet - book by C. J. Martin

Perhaps a Little Madness

Three men, two very different sisters, and not enough jobs.

After the death of their father, Helen and Julia Andris find themselves with no income and university studies to finish in subjects that have little use in the modern world. Their family is a jigsaw of highly contrasting and frequently clashing personalities. And the men they fall in love with have work and family problems of their own.

C J Martin reinterprets Jane Austen’s beloved Sense and Sensibility for the twenty-first century. With evocative settings in urban and country Australia, careful crafting of plot and an empathetic conception of character, this is an insightful tale of family, love, and the conflicting force of ambition.

Love can make us all a little mad.



I grew up in Sydney, Australia, and developed most of my loves early – dance, music, history, gardening and cooking, as well as literature.

After finishing university, I began teaching in universities before moving on to other areas in the field of education and training.

I now live with my family, and write, near Launceston, Tasmania.

Sydney Opera House: Sydney, Australia, where C. J. Martin grew up
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Hamlet - book by C. J. Martin

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark:

A Novel Interpretation

Shakespeare's Hamlet, annotated, adapted and expanded as historical fiction

Perhaps a Little Madness - book by C. J. Martin coming soon

Perhaps A Little Madness

A contemporary Australian adaptation of

Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility

I think this is the finest, and most useful, interpretation of Hamlet ever written ... C.J. Martin has expanded on Shakespeare's work and in doing so makes it far more accessible ...


I found I enjoyed Hamlet far more in this 'novel interpretation' than I ever have before ... I personally found these footnotes fascinating and ended up reading the novel twice in succession - once as a straight read through, and then once again referring to the footnotes as I went ...


Ultimately, I think that Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel Interpretation is a wonderful work of art.

Review of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark:

A Novel Interpretation





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